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Queensland, Australia

To the girl whose pain is prevalent every day

To the girl who lives daily with low self-esteem….

To the woman who struggles to see her true self

To the woman who has lost her spark.

I see you and

I hear you because I was all of those things at one point in my life

Do you feel trapped

Is your mind if often filled with negative thoughts and full of limiting beliefs


If you’re tired of feeling like you are lost and drowning in life’s pressures…then

Awaken Yourself and discover your path

You are worthy of living a life happiness and strength, free from the impacts of trauma and fear.

I offer Online Intensive Therapy Sessions Using Root Cause Therapy 

Art Therapy 

Awaken Yourself  8 week Online Program Available from 31st December 2021

Journals and Printable

Support in safe spaces via the Facebook Group


You can heal and live your life with passion and purpose everyday

You just need to take the first step towards your future you!

Contact Information
Phone: 0478611624
Discount Code/Bonus:

10 % Discount Code mumcare for purchases of The Awaken Yourself Journal Valid Until December 31st 2021

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