Mornings can be tough. Mums who have had little to no sleep, up multiple times throughout the night, then struggling to get going in the morning, here are 8 great ways to start your day.

#1 Get out of your PJ’s

Get dressed right away into something other than your PJ’s, getting dressed means you are doing what you can to get the day started. You can still be comfortable, but wear something that makes you feel good.

#2 Wash your face

There is nothing that wakes you up better. Take a moment to wash your face with hot water and take a moment to breath in all the steam to make you feel fresh.

#3 Brush your teeth

Taking a few moments to finish out a bit of personal care must include brushing your teeth, it will make you feel fresh, clean and ready for your day. Sometimes as a mum, we can forget to even brush our teeth.

#4 Accessorize

This can mean a variety of different things, but it doesn’t have to be a big deal. It could be your favourite scarf, necklace or earrings. It could be putting on your favourite perfume. You don’t have to spend a ton on smelling nice and chemist warehouse always has great deals on purfume.

#5 Set your intentions

Set your intentions for the day, what do you want to get out of your day?

Write a TO-DO list.

Writing a list helps with productivity, it gets your wheels spinning about what you would like to like to accomplish today. Make your list realistic, maybe only 3-5 things. Also set those things in level of priority so your know what needs doing first.

#6 Drink a glass of water

Drink a big glass of water everyday when you get up. It will help get your body moving for the day. Then make sure you are drinking plenty water during the day. I know everyone says drink more water, it does really help.

#7 Three pockets of calm

Think of these as personal time outs/tea breaks.

Its your 10 min or so of freedom that helps you refocus & motivate you. These pockets of calm will help to keep you moving and motivated.

#8 Reward your self

Add a little something special as an incentive to reward your self with at the end of the day. Set this at the start of the day so you know what your working toward. It could be a bubble bath, time to read a book, bowl of your fav ice cream even. This will keep your motivation up through out the day.