Welcome to Mum Care Australia

My name is Beck Jenkins, Im a Melbourne mum of 2 and your guide on Mum Care.

Lets just put it out there.. This mum business is bloody hard, there are times it is great and times you think your never going to get through it. So many highs and so many lows ,lets be real.

By the time this photo of me and my first born Chloe was taken, she would not breastfeed, she had stopped breathing at home, the first time I had to help her breath, we had our first ride in the ambulance, our first time seeing a baby get a cannula in her tiny head, our first long hospital stay, and we had our first family outing that included our first car accident with a newborn (not our fault – thankfully she slept through the whole thing).

And that was just the first 8 weeks of her little life.

I remember being in such a brain fog for the first 3 months, but reading back on the above, its no wonder my fog set in. It set in so I could get through the rest of it, with out getting stuck on what happened. I see mums now who look like they have their shit so together, after having a baby, they look like they are thriving and that I some how missed that part, but I obviously had a lot going on, because, then there is the stress that goes with all of the above that was happening, AND I JUST HAD A BABY…

We seem to go by this, no body talks about it unless its happening concept. Which leaves women feeling isolated, singled out, uneducated. When something comes up you try and do all your research because who the hell tells you about pelvic floors and muscle separation prior to having kids..

What to do, how to help, what services are available, I didnt know anything. I moved to Melbourne 7 months pregnant with insulin gestational diabetes, pelvic instability and gall stones, big enough to sting a pearl necklace together (so my ultrasound guy said) and no support.

Back then it was 2007, there was not the support groups or websites available like there are today. I feel we have come so far in that space, but we now need to do more. Its time for a more holistic approach to motherhood.

It should be Mum Care – made up of selfcare, health care and mental health awareness.

Mumcare is how we should approach our motherhood journey. Knowing that self hygiene is a basic human right, going to the doctors when you need to, not when it is dire. Setting boundaries when we need and know where to go, when you need help or advice and learning to trust your instincts when it comes to your body and your baby .

It gets me fired up and really passionate about helping other women because Ive been through it, and its now my chance to help you, be of service where I can.

This is the start of the Mum Care effect and the beginning of Mum Care Australia, I hope you join me for the ride.

We would love to hear from you, if you have a blog you would like to share or your a mum with a story, please send it through to hello@mumcareaustralia.com your experience, might just help another mum going through something similar.

Take Care